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You are welcome to copy and use this standard airplane hangar bill of sale. 

HangarTrader makes no claims to the legality of this document and we accept no liability for its use.


This sale agreement is made by and between (Seller) _____________________________ address ___________________________________,

and (Buyer) ____________________________________address _________________________________.

With the signing of this sale agreement and the Buyer transferring the total purchase price of $ ________________ to the Seller, the Seller hereby sells and forever transfers the ownership of the airplane hangar described below, to the Buyer.

Description of the airplane hangar being sold:

Make: ______________________   Model: _____________     Serial #: __________

Airport location name: ________________________________   Site # ___________

Seller represents and warrants that it has full and good title to the described airplane hangar, full authority to sell and transfer the same, and that the airplane hangar being sold is free and clear of all liens, encumbrances, liabilities, and adverse claims, of every nature and description.

Buyer understands that the airplane hangar is being sold in its present condition“as is” and “where is” and that Seller disclaims any implied warranty of condition or function, or any responsibility thereof.

Authorizing signatures:

_____________________________         _______________________________

                        Seller                                                         Buyer

_____________________________         _______________________________

           (seller’s name printed)                          (buyer’s name printed)

_____________________________       _______________________________

                  date signed                                             date signed