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Scappoose Oregon 100 x 100 Hangar for sale

Sale Scappoose Airport, Scappoose, OR


Yes it's still available.

100' x 100' hangar for sale. It will be sold with or without the aircraft, spare parts, inventory and equipment. Hangar is on leased land.

Asking price is $850,000. A Piper Twin Comanche, a Piper Pacer and a 1/4 interest in a Piper Tripacer are available for a total of $100,000, the 1/4 interest in the Tripacer being negotiable. All three aircraft have also been tentatively sold pending the sale of the hangar, so if these aircraft are not wanted, they have homes.

The parts inventory, which includes extensive Lycoming 320 parts, crankshafts, accessory housing, sumps, etc, tooling, fuel dispensing tank, forklift, etc is available for $50,000.

I am making no request for a capitalization rate for the business, but, there is an excellent opportunity for the continuation of the flight training business at this location.

Columbia Aviation Center has no employees,  I operate it, we have the services of an IA when needed, but he is not an employee.

The land on which the structure is located, is leased from the Port of Columbia by way of a 20 year lease which has two 20 year lease extension options, effectively making it a 60 year lease, with 42 years remaining in the overall lease term.

The land lease was initiated November 1, 2003, making the first renewal option to be available November 1, 2023. The renewal process is to simply notify the Port by that date, by letter, of the lease holder’s intent to extend. There is no change to the lease, rate, or provisions, as a result of the extension.

The land lease rate currently is $334/month, and entails 19,200 square feet of ground; the building foot print, 100’ x 100’, 10’ along each side, 10’ behind the hangar and 50’ in front, making the leasehold 120’ wide x 160’ long.

The hangar itself is considered personal property and is taxed as personal property.

An office is located inside the northwest corner of the hangar with a handicap compliant restroom and kitchenette. The septic tank has recently been checked and is in good condition and needs no servicing. There is room to build additional office space above the current office with stairs already constructed. Additional office space outside the building footprint is allowed in the lease. There is a heated engine assembly room inside the northwest corner of the hangar. The hangar is plumbed for compressed air on three walls and also in the engine assembly room. City water serves the office and a well is dedicated for landscape watering. Century Link is the provider for DSL and phone service.

A 21 car parking lot, including a handicap parking space, is adjacent and available for customer and staff parking.

The site has a great view of Mt Hood. The county RV park and Scappoose Creek Inn B&B are conveniently adjacent for out of town customers and guests.

Craiglist ad has more pictures.

More details

Name Description
Advertiser's Name Dave Aldred
Company Columbia Aviation Center
Hangar Width 100
Hangar Depth 100
Hangar Height 26
Land Lease Cost 334.00
Price Basis Per Month
Advertiser Type Private Party

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Ad ID : 8522
Date Posted : 11-27-2020
9 months, 26 days ago

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Dave Aldred (1)
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